Another Dead Boat?

This is disgusting! If you’ve been hanging around here, then you’ll remember this post and the burned boat on the side of the road on Lake Mead Boulevard.

However, this boat is directly behind homes, well within the city limits. I photographed this crap while on the way to the party store today. Things like this are a part of why this blog exists, though.

I have always intended to show people a different side of Las Vegas even though it may seem disparaging. Las Vegas is like any other large city with its sketchy folk, trashy folk, and plain old bullshit like this.

8 thoughts on “Another Dead Boat?

  1. No respect !!! It must be possible to track the owners of this boat and let them remove it. If not the owner of the ground or the city should remove it (At least I think so).

  2. It’s awful when people do this. It reminds me of the mattresses and sofas I see on the road to the town dump and people dump all along the road so they don’t have to pay the tipping fee.

    • Hi Anneli. The parents of these idiots never taught their children to have respect for others and private property. I know very well that my son and daughter never do chit like this. My parents would have whooped my arse if I did this! 🤬

    • I thought about this too. The boat east of town on the boulevard has no registration numbers, this one does. Maybe I should follow through with my idea to send the other photo and this one to the proper city office and ask what the hell is going on? Grrrr

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