Ditch Construction

More roadwork! Yay for living in a larger city, right? Back home, there was very occasional traffic congestion and having to be wary of Whitetail Deer leaping across the road in front of you.

Yeah, I hit one in 1998, a really crappy experience. Anyway, this stuff goes with the territory and is a tiny backup obviously. It’s sunny and 89 degrees just now by the way. Another perfect day!

2 thoughts on “Ditch Construction

  1. I heard one unbelievable but supposedly true deer story. A deer managed to cross a 4 lane divided highway without being hit, ran into the parking lot of a car dealership and then ran into the side of a parked car ( a new purchase) a customer had brought back for first maintenance. Imagine explaining that to your insurance company?

    • OM Gosh, Lavinia, I would be no less than livid!! The company may not believe that one unless someone else saw this happen. My family was in the car industry for decades. During the 1970s, I saw a customer drive a brand new Pontiac off the lot, only to be slammed into by another car. Ouch. I “dated” myself with that comment! 😂

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