Pepper, May 2012

Pepper is a beautiful girl that has lived with my folks for a long time. She is of course much older now and has the unfortunate hip issues that the German Shepard breed has. She was still getting around rather well though during my last visit which is now over one year, no thanks to the virus. How deeply I miss my family.

16 thoughts on “Pepper, May 2012

  1. Pepper is beautiful, John! I hope you can get to see your family again soon. Keep praying for a good vaccine!

    Rick’s family had a Shepard, a long time ago. Her name was Duchess, and she had a beautiful black star in the middle of her forehead. His family had the misfortune of seeing his father diagnosed with a brain tumor and the dog dying all in the same weekend.

    • Thank you, Anneli. She’s a very gentle dog, always has been since she was a pup. My folks have taught her well. 🥰

    • Hi guys, thank you!!! Every day is a struggle to balance missing my family with being here and carrying on. Pepper is as much my family as are the humans. 🥰

    • Hi Renard, thank you so much! I sure hope so too. I just spoke with my dad up there this morning, a great man! 🥰

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