Where the weak are killed and eaten. That is what this Tee from 1979 says. I wore this shirt during my last year of high school and into the 1980s, it’s long since been retired as have I but I just can’t part with it.

Tattered and thin, it still holds so many great memories and some wild ones too. Do you also have memories of those wild nights and days? Days you’d like to relive, others that you would like to forget? Hehe…

2 thoughts on “Detroit

  1. Awesome shirt John! I had a B-52’s Bouncing off the Satellites concert t shirt that I wore into the ground. One day it disappeared. I still suspect my mom snatched it from the dirty laundry basket and trashed it. I loved that T. Great memories for sure.

    • Thank you, Sandra! I think you should charge your mother $25.50 for the shirt! Wild times, wild days man… I had hair below my shoulders in those days, so did my buddies. We were long-haired leaping gnomes, flying through the air baby! 😂🍻

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