Drawing On a 45 Thousand Dollar Car

When I snapped this photo yesterday. I didn’t notice that some moron(s) had taken fingers to the beautiful paint on this brand new car. The MSRP sticker said it was a 45 thousand dollar car.

My questions are these: why would anyone do this, and why was there apparently no security keeping an eyeball on this big-dollar car? Shameful! Enjoy the other photos, please!

I put Captain Picard in the set just for grins 😬

8 thoughts on “Drawing On a 45 Thousand Dollar Car

  1. One has to wonder at why people do these things. In these challenging times kindness and respect is what we all hope for. I love the photo of the arches and bricks John. Really good eye there for the composition and perspective.

  2. Is that an Alpha Romeo? I can’t quite make out the insignia on, but it looks kind of Alphaish. There is no respect for much of anything these days, and often things of high value are vandalized simply for the reason they are high value. I have never understood why anyone has a desire to vandalize. Envy is probably the easiest explanation. Envy is a powerful emotion that is the basis of the socialist/communist systems. They are political system built on envy with the goal to cut everyone down to size, except for the ruling party, of course. Look up C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Proposes a Toast”. Screwtape describes the socialist system very well in his plans for public education. The scary thing is, Screwtape has been very successful in carrying out his plans.

      • I think some people just have a destructive nature, but so many vandals are driven by envy.

    • That’s the brand, you’ve got a better memory than I, Tim. I will never understand this mentality and the lack of respect for others and property. I was raised in and worked in the auto industry which of course has bred respect for cars and the costs involved. To hell with Socialism, Communism! This means you, Joe.

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