Here are two more murals photographed recently at Tivoli Village. They may not have as strong a message as did the Hands Of Love mural does but they are great looking pieces of art. On a different note, I wasn’t going to upload anything today and possibly the next day. I feel a bit burned out on blogging right now, and the number of people coming by each day has dwindled sharply. Apparently, it’s time to take some time off.

8 thoughts on “Murals

  1. I really liked the murals, John, espec. the first one. It’s so vibrant in colors, and a unique way to portray moving water. I hope you have a great weekend.

    • Thanks! I’ve felt a bit more energised today by the wonderful comments, I obviously uploaded a bit today. 😂 The community here is what keeps me on WP, nothing more except sharing photography.

  2. It happens. I’ve been going through a similar slump. One thing I do that helps is to start at the most recent post and scroll backwards. A daily post may seem lame, but the accumulated effect of the posts sometimes reveals I deserve a Pulitzer Prize or something for my documentation of the Felis domesticus in its preferred habitat. Well, perhaps not that, but the sum of the whole oftentimes reminds me there is an average quality level I can be proud of, and it’s good enough I can feel good about continuing on.

    Hang in there, John! There are always a few loyal followers who appreciate our work, look for our newest efforts when they scroll through the reader. Their number is less important than their faithfulness to the work we post. Even if you make a pot of your internationally famous chili and stop posting till you work your way through the whole pot – What? A week’s effort? – we’ll still look for your next new posting, probably whining because it took so long to show up again!

    I’m having that “Gad! How many videos of Andy cleaning his precious can the world take?” moment myself, and what seems to be a lot of repetition – that’s life, eh?! – turns out to be a bit fresher and newer than I thought when I do my scroll back through the archive.

    Another clue I’m having a slump is when I post archived photos or videos, which surprisingly get pretty good responses from the loyal ones. (“Loyal Ones” – there, elevating you and them to the appropriate level of appreciation!) You have a fine archive of interesting, beautiful photos that are worth a new view. I try to keep in mind how many new people are on my blog who’ve never seen the old stuff who might enjoy seeing it or Loyal Ones who enjoy a review of that ancient video of Dougy looking in the wastepaper basket for Andy, not really that silly a supposition since either kitty boy might be naughty and in there!

    Wow! I hadn’t meant to go on, but I feel we John’s Loyal Ones need to let you know we appreciate your work and hope you can work through the slump!

    Just in case you need a little more cheering up, here’s a classic Andy video from the archive:

    • Doug, thank you so much for your encouragement! I sincerely appreciate you, and all who continue to stop by daily to this meager blog. Thanks again for this sweet video! Curiosity can kill the cat, but these boys are too smart for that! Give Andy a nice hug for me, my friend.

      I always look forward to seeing you in my inbox every morning to see what Andy has been up to! No worries about the length of your comment, I appreciate it! I’ve never given much thought to reposting my old material, it’s a darn good idea! I have over 4000 posts at this point.

      At some point, I will have to delete a few hundred more of them once again to stay below the damned cap the WP imposes on us, jerks. I’m fearful of trying the $300 per year upgrade again as last time it broke my site! It’s that, move to the .ORG side or delete, delete, delete my older material which is BS.

      Perhaps when this damned virus runs it’s course, I shall drive north to visit you guys, eh? 😎

      • The way it’s taking over this corner of Nebraska – my town is the epicenter of the virus, and is so bad area schools won’t play Alliance teams! – that may take some time. It would be fun meeting someone I know through the blogs!

  3. Nice street art for sure! I will miss your pictures if you decide not to post! I do understand needing a break though, I wouldn’t be able to post every day.

    • Thanks so much! Doing this every day keeps me busy regarding the virus, and staying home so much but it becomes so redundant!

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