Nine Years

Has it been nine years already since I signed up for WordPress? Where has the time gone? Actually, I’ve been on WordPress longer than nine years with other blogs when I lived in Michigan. One site was on the .ORG side of WP, it was a Michigan politics website which I took down because of the hate people would spew.

There were blogs before this one too within the last nine years. My copyright states 2016 to the present but the post dates don’t reflect this since I’ve had to remove so many posts because of the space limitations imposed on us by the dictators in the WP Boardroom. I’ll stay here on WP until the classic editor is removed.

Today’s Las Vegas weather will be sunny and 85 degrees, perfect!

21 thoughts on “Nine Years

  1. Happy Anniversary, dear John! I can’t believe how time passed… Happy more blogging, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thanks, Ingrid!! 😊 Please, do tell how you’ve adjusted to the block editor, likes, and dislikes. I have the option to use either for now as do many of us, seems to me that most folks strongly dislike it. I can’t bring myself to trying it.

      • It takes a little playing around to figure out the block editor because it is different but there’s lots of YouTube videos to help. I like adding color behind a block showcasing the photo challenge or a quote. I feel there’s more options for creativity. I say, give it a try!

        • I might, but I’ve ranted in this space so much about disliking the change. There’s zero things wrong with the classic editor. Maybe I’ll give it a spin again, it took about one minute or so for me to dismiss it the first time.

      • πŸ™‚ The Classic Editor plugin is available to those with paid domains and I also believe that they have to pay to use it on

        • Well, I have a paid plan for the custom domain but know nothing about this. I suppose this is another way that WP sticks it to it’s users.

  2. As the saying goes, Time flies when you’re having fun. And it seems like the older we get the quicker it goes, huh? Hope you have many more years of blogging ahead, John!

    • I’ve noticed how time seems to be passing faster as I’ve aged and I don’t like it! I’ll hit 60 in about 45 days, bummer… Bogging has been lots of fun, and a pain in the ass too to be honest. An example is that I don’t allow spam or business accounts to follow this blog, hence I am removing many of them each day. Sometimes up to 20 in one day…

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