The Early Pot

Last night was a rough sleep, I tossed and turned and kept waking up. Why? I dunno, but it sucks so I hopped out of bed at 5:30 with a bit of a headache. The headache wasn’t from booze, I get them once or twice per month because of my damned CPAP machine regardless of the water tank having enough water for the entire night. This wonderful experience goes back to 2011 too…

This sucks, but a warm and yummy cuppa java via the trusty old Mr. Coffee usually takes care of the headache, yay for coffee, right! Why this works I don’t know but thanks very much, Mr. Coffee. I gave up on those damned Keurig coffee machines last year, or early this year because they just stop working.

Descaling doesn’t help, they just die and land in my big blue recycle bin in the garage. Meanwhile, trusty old Mr. Coffee just keeps on rockin’ and rollin’. Anyway, since I was up at the ass crack of dawn, I enjoyed that cuppa and got to work building the next pot of deliciousness. I used a different seasoning in this pot.

The seasoning is from the Knorr company and states that it’s intended for use in slow-cookers. I’ve never made my chili in any other way than slow cooking but I remember a gal I dated years ago made her chili in a frying pan. Really? That’s just plain old wrong in my bachelor book of cooking! Slow down, baby!

This pot should be hot and ready for a noon lunch bowl of deliciousness!

13 thoughts on “The Early Pot

  1. Here I am, drooling again over the internationally famous “John’s Classic Crockpot Chili”!

    I’ve avoid the Keurig coffee makers because of the excessive waste, but the failures you and others mention seem a better reason not to switch from plain, old Mr. Coffee.

    • Hi Doug, sorry for the delayed response. The waste is a factor for sure, but how many others have you heard from about these unit failures? Number two was the charm for me…

  2. Do cowboy coffee. It’s much easier. You need two pots and a gold coffee filter for the best outcome. Grind coffee. Put in the pot, pour boiling water on the grounds, cover the pot, and let the coffee steep for a few minutes. Place the gold filter in the other pot and pour the coffee through the gold filter. If you make more coffee than you are going to drink at that moment, pour the remaining coffee in a thermos and have it available throughout the day. The gold filter is reusable and doesn’t at a taste to the coffee. If you want to only make a cup at a time, I believe you can get gold coffee filters that fit on a cup.

    Looks like decent chili.

  3. Good to see all of the ingredients as they go in the pot, John. Yummy! (Reference morning joe: We’ve got a Keurig in the house, and a Mr. Coffee in the RV.)

      • I had a problem with a Keurig, called the company, and they/I tried to trouble shoot it on the phone. No luck so they sent me a new one free of charge. That was five years ago, no other problems since. I do use filtered water not tap water.

        • Five years? Wow! I used filtered water too, apparently, my luck has run out! I’ve tossed two un its in the bin, no more. One advantage of the unit though is that the coffee is ready much faster…

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