Oh So Good!

The other morning, I whipped up a fresh pot of chili as I often do. It’s a staple food in my home apparently! I used mostly the same ingredients in this batch but did use organic kidney beans, drained of course, and added a packet of Knorr seasoning that I usually never use. I stopped using the packets a while back.

I think that this pack of seasoning, different from that I used to use, is what made the big change in the taste of the pot. I think that the next pot will also have this same seasoning, perhaps just a bit less of it, and add just a tad more chili powder and cayenne red pepper. Basically turn up the flame just a bit. Yum!

An iPhone photo of the first delicious bowl!

2 thoughts on “Oh So Good!

  1. Nothing like chili for breakfast. Do you know the group Wall of Voodoo. They have a line in “Call of the West” that says “…people come out here to have chili for breakfast every morning…”

    • No, I don’t Tim, but I love the lyric! It’s really windy up here tonight, gusts to 55mph too according to the NWS. I may have a tiny bowl of the good stuff now… 😂

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