Lovell Canyon Views

Lovely Lovell Canyon is west of Las Vegas Valley, beyond Red Rock Canyon and the fault line sometimes called an Escarpment. You will pass the road leading into the canyon on your way to Pahrump, Nevada.

Late yesterday, overnight and this morning, the wind has been constant with gusts up to fifty-five miles per hour. The seventies are forecast later this week, I’ll be grateful for this!

2 thoughts on “Lovell Canyon Views

  1. That is beautiful country, John, and I see some golden trees in the background in one of your photos. It is probably too far south and too dry to be larch trees, but they that same beautiful gold color at this time of year.

    The same dry east wind coming down off the mountains up here that fanned fires in early September, blew cold and dry recently, desiccating any remaining leaves and plants and sending my region into winter-like conditions. Leaves have gone green or yellow-green to brown overnight. Mornings have been low, down in the 20s the last few days, hitting 24 yesterday. Today was a balmier 28 at sunrise. 🙂 The days have been warming into the lower 50s.

    • Thanks Lavinia! I must have been there about this time of year, a couple years or so ago. We’ve had the terrible wind for two days now, it’s finally calming don and warming back up. 80s later this week, 70 today. Fire alerts are up because of the wind and super low humidity. Just 8% right now!

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