Yesterday’s Storms

Have given way to beautiful sunshine, yet it’s too bloody cold today! I’ll settle for the sunshine, thank you! Anyway, here are five more photos from yesterday’s excursion into the stormy desert. It was about ten degrees colder up there, and of course all of the snow and rain mix. It’s not high enough in that area for the snow to stay on the ground very long. I hope you like them. (Note: this is a post from October 2019)

13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Storms

    • Thanks very much! I remember that day, rain and snow at about 3K feet elevation, and a couple bolts of lightning too. Weird weather!

    • Thanks very much Donna! I seem to make this little trip once every winter when the weather is just such. Just finished polishing my truck too. Gladly, there is zero salt used in that area as the snow just doesn’t stick around long. My truck is four years old, and has never seen salt. yaaaas! πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ»

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