America Under Attack

Yesterday I was digging through my photo archives and came across this photo of Liberty that I took on the Vegas Strip a couple or so years ago.

As I was playing with the photo in an application, I had the thought that this somehow applies to America these days. We are under attack from a deadly virus.

We are under attack by groups of people rioting for various reasons that I won’t address. We are under attack by hurricanes and tropical storms.

America is no stranger to strife these days. Add to this, we are in a presidential election year.

America, today you are not the America I grew up in. America, I fear for your survival.

11 thoughts on “America Under Attack

    • I don’t know the reasons why that is so, Anneli, but I completely trust your assessment. I’m sorry about this, I truly am. This country has been spiraling a while now, we are getting closer to the Event Horizon if you know what I mean. Not the country I grew up in, I am sad.

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      • One reason is that our market always follows yours, especially if it’s going down, and our retirement investments are affected by that. The other is that depending on the amount of rioting and looting going on, and whether the borders are open or not, we can either spend our holidays in the US or not. Also, we have relatives in the US who can’t visit right now, nor can we visit them. So we are kind of “joined at the hip.” I care what happens in both our countries, as if they are one.

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