The Yaesu FT-9600 VHF/UHF Receiver

The Yaesu-Musen company began production of this rig in 1985, it’s strictly a receiver and has no transmitter section inside the casing. It has very wide reception capability which for this radio, causes it to be susceptible to intermodulation interference but it’s not so bad in my very experienced opinion.

Likely built in 1985 or soon thereafter, this old receiver is around 35 years old, yet is in 99.9% perfect condition! I owned one those many years ago and was almost blown away by its condition when I came across it on eBay about two weeks ago.

I just had to own this radio, and the price was just where it should be for its age too.

That tiny percentile that is wrong is there are two very tiny scratches on the bottom and two very tiny scratches on the left side of the front facia plate. When I say tiny, I mean tiny!  Hence, for a radio this old, the darn thing is in immaculate condition.  The Memory Retention Battery is dead, but that’s easily repaired.

Unfortunately, the radio no longer has the box it came in from Yaesu, nor does it have the chrome support bracket that holds the front end of the radio up for easier viewing. The wall-plug power supply is not original either, rather, it has a supply from a Gateway computer. Well, it works I guess. I’m still hunting for the chrome bracket online.

One more item, the user manual you see is not the original, this one was also purchased on eBay and has a nice cover and binding on it. It also uses 23lb paper or something like that, much thicker than usual, and was worth the price. The original manual did come in the delivery, but has seen better days! Photo time!

8 thoughts on “The Yaesu FT-9600 VHF/UHF Receiver

    • Thank you, me tooo! I just had it powered up in the living room, put it back in the master BR/RadioRoom. 😊

  1. Lovely piece of vintage kit! Something else we kind of have in common, I was heavily into 27mhz CB radio in the 80’s. Not so long ago I picked up a Pierce Simpson Super Cheetah nice and cheap for nostalgia.

    • Thanks! I started my radio hobby in the early 1980s, have been a licensed ham radio guy almost since those days. I have to look that radio up, not familiar with it.

    • I looked it up, such a great radio! It’s very similar to the discontinued Cobra 148GTL. I loved that radio… you guys have a UHF band that is like a CB band, right? I wish we had that here!

      • Yes, we have UHF CB here, was more expensive and I was still in high school when I started. I live in a valley now so not the best location location for reception surrounded by hills, otherwise I’d be into it still. Mobile phones and the internet kind of killed off the hobby and not many use it here anymore, only businesses, truckers and mobile homes mainly. We used to have so much fun meeting up and having fox hunts in the good old days.

  2. You can tune into SETI and listen for extraterrestrials. I don’t know that my dad ever had a rig that was only a receiver. He liked to talk too much. Unlike moi. No hamming for me.

    • This receiver can’t tune to those frequencies, much higher than 906mhz. I like receivers and tend to be in that mode often these days. Still have some Yaesu 80 watt VHF radios and a couple 5w HT’s. This rig is a gem from long ago!

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