A Past Visit to Hoover Dam

These photos were taken from the Mike O’Calllagahn – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. I used the older Nikon D3300 body and the zoom lens. The damn is open again for viewing, but with limited access. Photos never do the dam any justice as you really can’t grasp the sheer size of Hoover Dam without actually being there!

16 thoughts on “A Past Visit to Hoover Dam

    • Thanks, I totally agree! To stand atop the little sidewalk and peer down the slope is an amazing experience! And the technology available at the time was nothing like we have today either, wow!

    • Hi Tim, it’s a beautiful dam! I miss being there… There are much larger dams but this one is ours, haha!

      • We have Elephant Butte Dam 150 miles south of Albuquerque. Built between 1911 and 1916, it was the largest irrigation dam ever built with the exception of the Aswan Dam in Egypt. It was the largest dam in the USA until Hoover dam was construction.

            • Thanks for the link, it sounds like a very large dam, and about my age too. I looked up the Elephant Butte dam too, it’s a biggy!

              • The 1980s was a very wet decade for New Mexico. All the dams filled and flooding occurred. Water flowed over the spillway of Elephant butte dam in 1987. I saw the water rushing down the spillway. It was impressive. We’ve been high and dry for the past 25 years, and Elephant Butte lake has shrunk so that it’s now like a large pond. Sad.

                • That’s very sad! It sounds like Lake Mead with its huge bathtub ring, as white as can be, Tim. i think the lake was last at full pond in the 1980s. Not good! We need some really serious snowfall in the Rockies to help the lake fill.

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