Take A Hike!

Today’s weather is so glorious that I just have to get the heck out of the house. I hopped in the truck and headed out of the city to you guessed it, Calico Basin!

I prefer hiking here because I know I can handle the terrain fairly easily. The air temperature was hovering around 65 degrees with very little humidity at around ten percent.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002, since then I’ve adapted and know my limits. Add to this, three herniated lower lumbar’s which cause a bit of pain after a bit.

But gosh dang I refuse to allow these medical conditions to shut me down, Man! Today, I used the 24/70mm lens which was a good choice over the zoom lens for today.

there were quite a few people out there, as a courtesy to others, I wore my mask when others were near and kindly stepped off of the trail a ways to let them pass.

It’s a beautiful day to be kind to other people on the trails! These photos are from the start of the short hike before I arrived to the beautifully pattered stone I will show next.

10 thoughts on “Take A Hike!

  1. Beautiful views John!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying a break from the heat too! High of 77 here today!!! 😁

    • Thank you, Sandra! It’s about the same here at the moment, so nice! It was very nice to be out of the house, I may go back soon. 😊

    • It sure doooo!! After walking a bit, I find it easier to just keep walking. Apparently, those couch potato muscles are having a great time! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž My bum starts to hurt though, I have to stop for a couple of minutes so they can settle down.

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