Lovely Rocky Textures

And colors too! I of course knew that these wonderful textures were along the trail a fairly long way out (for me), and I wanted to capture them again.

The last time I photographed them was with the old Nikon D3300 body and different lenses.

My color-enhanced photos do a dandy job of capturing their beauty, but it’s no substitute for seeing them with your own eyeballs. I was back out there again today but didn’t hike out there again.

It took millions upon millions of years for these surfaces to look like this, imagine the stories they could tell us. Stories such as how it was to be at the bottom of warm tropical seas millions of years ago. Wow!

10 thoughts on “Lovely Rocky Textures

  1. I like photos “On the rocks”. One of the many things I love about the desert is you can see the geology.

    • Millions of years worth! The stein and mug are on my kitchen table, love them! I’ll get to photographing them soon, and add a link to your store, guys! I like the note you put in there too. I spilt just one packing bean thingy on the garage floor haha!! 😂😬

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