What Kind of Plant Is This?

On the hike yesterday, this odd-looking plant was along the trail. I touched it gently, it’s very sharp! I didn’t find it in a search, but one thing is certain – you don’t dare touch it! Aren’t my old tennies so attractive? Nope.

11 thoughts on “What Kind of Plant Is This?

    • Nobody knows what it is, I apparently need to consult a botanist! It’s so weird, rather stiff and very prickly! Maybe it’s a cacti??

      • It’s interesting to learn about new things, eh? I have a lot of faith in being able to find anything I want on the Internet, though, as you know, you have to ask Google things in the right way.

        • I use Duck Duck Go (silly name) exclusively now, for over one year. Gave Google the boot. This search engine won’t track you, but I’m pretty sure there are Google Bots and tracking cookies awaiting me on the other side. 🤬

          • The funny think about that Google tracking business is that I buy an item, then it post pop up advertisement trying to get me to buy, tuh duh, the exact same thing I already bought! I wonder how much the advertisers pay for this “service”?!

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