Neighborhoods, Las Vegas Style

Some of the neighborhoods in the valley are very extravagant and beautiful. These homes are what I think of as ‘midrange’ homes in terms of price point. Not far from here are homes that I believe are well over one million dollars, especially the area known as Summerlin. Big bucks homes that are well above my price point!

It’s still nice to look at them though…

6 thoughts on “Neighborhoods, Las Vegas Style

    • These places aren’t much larger than mine, Lavinia, and easy to maintain inside and outside. But I live alone, and am a very tidy guy! I wish my neighbors were as tidy as I am.

    • That’s something I seriously appreciate about this city, Anneli. When I visit home in summer, and usually in December too, I can’t help but notice how untidy things look back in my home town. And all of the dirty, filthy cars and trucks too. Man, I just don’t like that…

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