Stroh’s Bohemian Beer Stein

I have never drunk beer from a stein as far as I can remember, but I’m going to pour some into this stein later today! I’ve tried to capture as much detail as I can in these photos.

Please visit Roadtirement’s blog and their Etsy store where I purchased this stein.

As you can see in a photo, the stein is numbered and part of a larger set, I wonder where it’s brother and sister mugs are these days? Stroh’s beer is made in Detroit, Michigan so I have a bit in common with this mug!

7 thoughts on “Stroh’s Bohemian Beer Stein

  1. Those are incredible photos, John. You have captured the details in great detail! I’m sure that first cold brewski will taste fabulous in the stein. And thank you so much for putting the links in. We are most appreciative of your support.

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    • Hi all, you are welcome! It’s 3:45 now, never before five! The lighting was pretty good this morning in the dining room, which helped with getting some decent closeups and full-length photos of the stein.

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