Back on The Rocks

Here are eight more rocky photos from the other day for ya, I need to go back out there next week! I’ve been talking and texting with the family today, so wonderful. I miss everyone too much. Most of us are back home in chilly Michigan, but one of my nieces is in California though, we are the west coast crew haha!

8 thoughts on “Back on The Rocks

  1. As a former Midwesterner, the first time I saw that kind of terrain, I was mesmerized. Fascinating to think that was once a sea.

    • I had a quick look for a website that can help you understand why they look like they do, but didn’t find much. I’m no expert either. All I know for sure is that this area was a shallow sea 250+ million years ago, and that seashells have been found in the mountains. So amazing!

  2. Glad you contacted and talked with your family today. Can you and your CA niece meet half way maybe? Also the rocks foundation in the wire cage reminds me of gabions used for retaining walls.

    • She’s always so busy with her work, and her husband just purchased their first home too so they are suuuuper busy! Most of the trail markers are not inside these casings, no idea why this is. I do see that some of them have been destroyed too because people can’t control their peabrains. 🤬

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