A Clear Day on The Strip

Early afternoon today, I took a ride to the party store via the park for supplies. The air seemed much clearer today, certainly no smoke fog, and the Strip had far less smog hanging in the air.

I’m too far away to get decent photos but it’s obvious to me how much clearer the entire valley looked today. So nice to see this for a change! I hope your weekend has been great.

6 thoughts on “A Clear Day on The Strip

  1. Clear skies (no fog) is for us most of the time the sign of a low pressure area that’s coming. LP means most of the time rain and wind in Belgium.

    • Thanks, Anneli! I don’t like these photos much as I’m just too far away. Other than heading to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, I can think of just one location that might be better for getting better full-length of the Strip photos. I got a weather alert on my phone for my hometown a bit ago, Lake-effect snow is making travel slick in the Thumb region, was 36F too. It’s 80 here just now!

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