Navajo Coffee Mug

When I received the Strohs beer mug the other day, the other item I purchased was in the box too. I haven’t used this cup yet if, for any reason, it’s about a half cup of coffee for me! The mug has a smooth texture, yet you can feel the transitions between the different colors. A nice piece!

Please visit the Roadtirement website and their Etsy shop from which both pieces came from.

4 thoughts on “Navajo Coffee Mug

    • I will have to try it tomorrow morning, Anneli as I have just one cup a day! Any more makes me so jittery but I love the taste and kick. 😎

  1. Great quality photos, John, as always. We could use your skill when we photograph items to list in our Etsy store! Thanks again for the links, and enjoy that half cup o’ joe!

    • Your very welcome, guys! I’ll try it tomorrow morning, it’s a half-cup to my usual Mount Charleston mug. You have my email, send me a photo if you like, maybe I can do something with it. I am not a professional photographer of course. 😎

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