Approaching Sunset

As with this morning, there were many shapes, sizes, and colors of clouds up there last eve as darkness approached. I’ve enhanced the colors a lot in this set of four photos. A few minutes ago, it was very lightly raining as the sun continued to shine brightly, memories of Michigan summers come to mind.

16 thoughts on “Approaching Sunset

    • Hi Sandra, thank you! Unfortunately, it was just a light shower, or a Spit as I say. We all need a serious downpour don’t we! Especially in California. I hope you and yours are well over there. 😊

    • Hi, just a spit really, but they were big drops and were tapping loudly on the skylight! Yeah, we neeeeeed rain so desperatly!

    • Thank you! I like bringing the colors out as best I can. Most evenings there aren’t any clouds up there to make a good sunset photo.

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