A Bird Brain Meeting

Check this out, almost every time I stop in this location for the bank, there is a huge gathering of these Rock Pigeons. I wonder what is so attractive to them? Could it be the fast-food joint a stone’s throw away?

I never see anyone feeding them either. The world may never know, or care! I also stopped here to put some liquid Tire Shine on my tires too, I won’t do this in my garage as it can stain the concrete. So nice of me, aye?

12 thoughts on “A Bird Brain Meeting

  1. Flocks of pigeons appear in lots of urban areas. Our small town in Indiana was plagued with pigeons decades ago. As a young boy I remember authorized pigeon shoots in down town. You’d never see that today…

    • Ohhhh heck no you won’t! And that’s a shame too as the Gun Grabbers would file lawsuits. America ain’t what she once was. These birds are a nuisance really…

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