A Part of My Job, A Part of Me

I can’t possibly tell ya how many hours I’ve logged in the seats of these two tractors over the years I worked here. I miss those days, a simple, better vanished time.

The Ford tractor is used for hogging the largest fields down. The small tractor is used for maintaining the trails through the woods, keeping them wide enough for ORV’s to easily pass through the woods.

I operated some very large machinery too as well as cutting and trimming around fifteen acres of grass. If you don’t like dirty, grubby and hard ass work, don’t bother working here!

5 thoughts on “A Part of My Job, A Part of Me

    • Oh yes indeed! Like the day I was hoggin’ a large field and ran over a bee nest in the ground. I shut the engine down and just ran like the wind!!! OUCH!! 😂👍🏻


  1. So familiar. We farmed several thousand acres and had a rather large commercial cow-calf operation. I miss clearing land with the crawler with 4 in 1 bucket the most. Oh, and is that Blondie photo-bombing the second photo?


    • Dirt bikes are much more fun, something we have in common! This was part of the job, I really like operating big machines, and would hop on one right now and get hoggin’!! 😎😂

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