WABX was a rock music station in Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s, and one of three favorite rock stations I loved so much during those years. The 1980s were for me the best years and directly after high school too.

Man, if we could just roll the clock back a few decades, how happy I’d be! The bumper sticker on the exhaust duct is at my sister’s place in Michigan. I lived there (not in the garage!) during those high school years.

My two best buddies and I had a three-piece band and boy did we think we sounded great! That sticker is still on that duct, thirty-plus years on. Some things should never change…

6 thoughts on “WABX

  1. Wonderful story and photo!! I’m one of those people that has always constantly changed channels to find the best song, but I now often listen to 104.3 WOMC which was an Oldies station in the ’80s and is actually now my Oldies station for favorite tunes from the ’80s.

  2. Cute that the bumper sticker is still there. My favorite station was KSHE in St. Louis, I listened in late 1960’s/early 70’s. It was the first rock album station. It is still on the air.

    • That’s great that the station is still radiating! WABX is now a jazz station, last I checked. My sister owns the home now, and it’s still there! Oh, the drunken nights we tried real hard to be rock stars!!

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