18 thoughts on “A Taste of Summer

      • We have a skihill that gets less snow every year, sometimes not until Christmas, but mostly it’s wind and rain here. We’re on the coast, remember. I would guess average temp here in Nov.-Dec. is about 40 to 50 with a few days dropping to freezing. Not as bad as in the interior of the province.

    • Thanks sooo much, Lavinia! No bees are buzzing in my backyard now, and one of the Lantana has been cut back now as it was done for the summer. I think it’s root-bound. Maybe I’ll transplant it or replace it next spring. I did see a spider on the flowers though, yuck! It must be cooler there too now?

      • The weather has been oscillating between warm and freezing. We had more rain today, followed by a strong east wind. We are in for some more cold and wet.

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