Get A Grin!

How about a few cartoons to make you grin this morning! Nothing political can be found here, you’ll have to look elsewhere for that crap. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching the tube and cleaning my glasses.

Pop! What the hell? Apparently, the company that made these overpriced frames can’t weld them correctly, the frame broke, allowing the left lens to simply fall onto my lap.

I have to go to the pharmacy today to pick up a scrip, the place I purchased the lenses and frame from is very close by. They will see me sometime this morning!

These damn things cost way more than they should, and I don’t have vision coverage insurance. I expect much more than this for my money! Fortunately, I keep the previous pair in a drawer for just such a situation.

And they still work just fine. More on that later. Did I mention that I detest politics?

10 thoughts on “Get A Grin!

  1. Pretty good funnies. I have frameless glasses. It’s amazing that they cost about 10 times more that framed glasses. However, they standup really well to pretty much everything but sitting on them. Fortunately, the one time I sat on them I discovered they came with sit-down protection.

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