This Makes Me Sad…

After arriving back home this morning and having my tacos, I had a walk to the backyard to water the surviving Lantana. I noticed something out of place near the table and chairs.

I found this sweet little bird laying dead. My best guess is that the poor bird didn’t know the glass on the bedroom window was there. I gave the bird a proper burial near one of the Sago Palms.

This sweet little bird deserves nothing less than a proper burial. 😔

19 thoughts on “This Makes Me Sad…

  1. We have a lot of windows and at this time of year it’s really bad for birds flying into them. I have suncatchers, and I have blinds I pull halfway down when the birds are going crazy out there, but there is always some unfortunate one that insists on trying to fly through the window. It’s really sad to see that and I feel guilty for putting the windows there.

    • Hi Anneli, it’s so terrible, isn’t it! I admit to not knowing what a suncatcher is, is it an overhang? Duh. I did wash this odd, long window several weeks ago, it does have a bit of desert dust on it is all. What can I put on the window, yet still see out? This is bird number two that’s had an incursion there, the first one apparently flew away!

      • A suncatcher is a decoration on a string that hangs from the top of the window frame, or in some cases it’s stuck to the window pane just to let the birds know that there is a pane there.

  2. In a previous house of ours we put suncatchers on the windows on the back side of the house. For whatever reason birds liked to fly into them, until the suncatchers showed them there was a window there and birds never flew into them again.

    • That’s good news, apparently, I need to put something on the glass. This makes me tear up seeing these sweet babies like this. 😔

    • Hi Trev, thank you, sir. I love these sweet little birds and all birds. I think that all of the bad things going on today may augment how sad this is. Just a thought. Stay safe. 🙏🏻

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