A Black and White Las Vegas

Today I have several older photos from three or so years ago, taken with the Nikon D3300 body. These are the originals, the others are either still on this blog looking different, or, they were deleted when I did a mass-dump of posts thanks to WordPress’ not allowing the purchase of storage space anymore.

WordPress sucks! These photos are pretty much straight out of the camera showing the city in its ‘raw’ state you could say. My only plan for today is a ride to the grocery store for a few things, such a busy day under unusually overcast skies.

8 thoughts on “A Black and White Las Vegas

  1. Free WordPress has it’s limits, for that reason I post my pictures in web resolution here. (“safe for web” in Photoshop). Great collection of B&W pictures! Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thanks, you too. My only reason for staying here is the community, there are so many really nice people I’ve met from all over the world.

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