Beautiful Rain Sails

Since it’s been breezy and overcast most of the day, I grabbed my Nikon with the zoom lens attached and headed for the backyard. I snapped ten photos of this wonderful view, these are the best of them, three others still in the Process folder.

The clouds are moving north or northeast as is the wind on the ground. It appears that the clouds are moving faster than the rain can descend toward the ground, hence the curves to the left.

Photos like these would be more difficult to capture back home in Michigan if for any reason, the number of trees everywhere. The lack of trees here, more so on the mountains until you reach an Alpine altitude I think it’s called, is something I really like. Wide-open spaces!

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Rain Sails

  1. Fabulous sky! I wondered why I hadn’t been seeing any posts from you and now came by to find wordpress “unfollowed” me from you. I have re followed and hope it stays that way!

    • Hi Lisa, I just found your missed comment by accident. I apologise. The true scale of the sails should be seen in person but the distances seem different to me down here. 😊

    • Thank you for the link and information, Lavinia! I didn’t know this has a proper name. I like my photos better than those in the link though. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Thanks, no rain on my house but it was west of me! The wind has been on and off all day but it’s blowing good right now. Temps in upper 50s to lower 60s later this week.

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