6 thoughts on “People, People Everywhere

    • It’s nutty, isn’t it? Believe me, Anneli, I’ve considered going back home to Michigan several times in the last year or less. But the virus has pretty well stopped that in its tracks… Not the time to consider such a big change in my life.

        • Of course. After 50+ years in that climate, it’s burned into my being! The bitter cold would be a challenge the first winter back up there. Anneli.

          The wee bit of cold air here this morning reminds me of what real cold is back home. Funny thing this morning, I went back to the grocer for a couple of cans of tomato sauce for my chili made yesterday.

          A woman actually had a jacket, hat, and scarf wrapped around her! I snickered and thought to myself, seriously! Come on man… These folk have no idea, do they!

          By the way, my truck has never seen a salted road which means it would be shipped back in an enclosed trailer no matter the season, and driven only in summer and very little at that. It’s paid for, and still in near-mint condition!

    • This is a photo from winter, maybe last year, I wish the snow would stay up there all year! I’ll get those snowy photos when I see them, just wait and see!

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