Radio. Radio has fascinated me since my high school days, beginning with CB radio. If you’ve followed this blog long enough, then you’ll know this.

Since it’s so crusty outside today (I’m wearing my sweats, the windows and blinds are closed and it’s raining), I’m getting hopefully creative here with subjects that you may like. The Sangean radio (I have 3) are shortwave radios which also cover the FM broadcast band. I have them primarily for the shortwave spectrum.

The Yaesu FRG-9600 is a recent piece I picked up on eBay, it’s in mint condition still at 35+ years of age! The Yaesu FTM 2750D radios are brand new, one in the truck, the other inside as part of my “mini” station since this home is in an HOA, external antenna systems are not allowed.

I use a mobile antenna which is the best I can do, unfortunately. The Diamond 40 amp power supply is also new and powers the radio as it can’t connect to the 110VAC system. Back in the day, I had a 100-foot tower on the side of the house in Michigan, complete with two sets of guy wires.

It made the house hum when the wind blew through the tower hard enough! Are you completely bored yet? This hobby was considered a dying hobby in years past, yet I continually see very young boys and girls getting into the hobby and keying up, wonderful!

I can chat about this all day long, but I’ll spare you anymore rant!

5 thoughts on “Radio

  1. I also was fascinated by radio and once even tried to build a simple radio but failed.
    I like so much your collection of radios. John, do you have your favorite radio stations?

    • I used to have a few favorites on the Shortwave frequencies, but internet broadcasting has taken many of those stations off the air as it’s much cheaper to broadcast that way than to maintain a radio station.

      Radio Canada International was my favorite though, it went off the air a few years

      The transmitter site was in Sackville, NB.

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