Fried For Life

Have you ever seen videos of young children going almost batty for french fries? Well, I was one of them those many years ago, that love of deep-fried taters has been a life-long love of mine.

The downside though is that these days all of those extra carbohydrates just add up on my waistline. Uhg!! What can the carbohydrate-addicted person do? Well, I can just top eating taters in any form. Yah right.

Or once per week? Nah, not gonna happen. One good thing about frying or baking at home is the fact that I never doust my fries with real salt, oh hell no!

I use No Salt, a darn good compromise as it tastes almost like the real thing. And of course, add plenty of ground black pepper. For this serving, I added a few little splotches of very spicy mustard, whoa so good!

Taters, taters how I enjoy thee far too much, LOL!!

18 thoughts on “Fried For Life

  1. Gad! Who doesn’t agree with everyone who responded and you on the matter of deep fried potatoes, no matter which ones you dip into that oil? It’s the best way to eat spuds in my humble opinion!

    • Yeah, I have to agree, Doug. The flavor of deep-fried taters is always better than baked, but baked can be tricked up so good too! Butter, a bit of sour cream, mustard…

      • Yum! The Catholic women here always make an excellent potato bar when the ladies of local churches host Lenten luncheons in rotation till Good Friday. That’s the one church I will make sure I can “hit” for Lenten lunch day. Baked potatoes there are something on the order of Food of the God. LOL! The only way they could top it would be to have deep fat fryers set up to turn those taters into… oh well, I’m slobbering and drooling – really! – just thinking about it!

        I live in an area where potatoes are grown as seed potatoes and Lay’s potato chipper spuds. Hey, the high school student newspaper has been called “The Spud” for generations and used to have a motto of “Keeps its eye3s open for news” until kids got too cool.

          • There is a tater culture here, John. One of my favorite memories of my 50s childhood was going with my Mom and her farmer’s wife friend to glean spuds missed by harvesters in fields belonging to the friend’s friends. We had spuds for months after that were just as great as your can imagine!

  2. You are a fry maniac. You should get a tortilla bender and deep fry some taco shells. They you could make your own tater tacos.

    • Wow, you the chef, aye! I’d never think of that… I’ll back off from the frying soon if not tomorrow, it’s not that good for the body obviously. The thin-sliced baked chicky is really yummy. I’ll woof it down for breakfast tomorrow with some salsa or whatever looks tasty. Chicky Wicky! 😂

      • But fried food can be so tasty. Especially taters. I had green chile cheese fries for dinner. They are soooo good.

        • Dang, sounds good. I haven’t seen this green chili you speak of, I guess it’s not available up here? Yeah man, too damn tasty!

    • They ‘were’ so good, Lavinia! I’ve got three very thinly-sliced chicken breasts baking in the little Breville oven just now, so good! 😂❤️

  3. You could do oven fries instead of deep fried potatoes. We do them all the time. Haven’t used a deep fryer for decades. The oven fries are almost as crisp and good and the deep fried ones but you don’t get all that bad fat. Just coat your potato pieces in a bit grapeseed oil, add some cajun spice if you like that (I just pour a bit of oil on the potatoes in a big bowl and toss them around). Pour the pieces onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 35 minutes. They’re really good and you don’t have all the grease and unhealthy frying.

    • I do use the Breville oven on top the counter most of the time, but frying them is a nice change in spite of the bad oil thing you mention, Anneli. Grapeseed Oil? Hmmm, I’ll put that on my hit list for tomorrow. It sounds interesting, and so simple too. I use olive oil at the moment.

      • I used olive oil for a long time, but grapeseed has a higher smoke point than olive oil, so it’s probably a little bit better for oven fries. You can get it at Costco for a better price than at some of the smaller stores.

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