16 thoughts on “Guns-n-Liquor

  1. I remember when alcohol, tobacco and firearms were staples at the local hardware store. Up until recently one could by all three at Walmart. But Walmart got weird and stopped selling rifles. Last time I walked by the sporting goods section, it looked like they had stopped selling ammo as well. What’s this world coming to? Although I have to say, I never bought a rifle from Walmart, but I used to buy a lot of ammo from them.

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    • I remember seeing the rifles and ammo there too, Tim, what the gun grabber lobby wants is for the States to be just like the United Kingdom where the guns are all gone sans the government. And the police carry baseball bats and the crooks still have the guns because that’s better for our country, right? Everyone knows that crooks follow the laws of the land…

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    • A terrible combination! I assure you, dad has never been drunk and handling weapons, no way man! They just happened to be next to each other… Life in the mancave, right!


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