6 thoughts on “Old Piston Power

  1. The good the bad and not so ugly from days gone by. The good: nice and simple. The bad: not always reliable. The not so ugly: beautiful in its simplicity.

    • Exactly, well said! Not much HP was produced from those engines, yet they still did the job for these folks… 😎👍🏻

    • The car was restored at some point, likely before my dad purchased it. He’s had other antique cars restored, a body-off restoration. That’s the only way to do this correctly! 😎

    • Yeah, I totally agree!! There are in some cases, several Body Control Module’s, or computers running every little thing, even the turn signals, and lighting systems. No wonder the average owner can’t possibly do any repair work!! This car was like working on an old motorcycle, so darn simple. My dad and I were working on the engine ignition, not getting spark to each cylinder!

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