The Duck Posse

On the way back home early this morning, I stopped along the lake to photograph this posse of ducks. Not the best photos, I didn’t want to hop out of the truck.

It was amusing to watch the lot of them all moving toward me at once. This tells me that there are bad humans around whom are feeding these ducks. Bad humans, bad!

The colors are off a bit off in these photos

5 thoughts on “The Duck Posse

    • Me too, Kaya! So darn cute, so much quacking at one time. As a kid growing up on a lake in Michigan, I watched the ducks and geese, always admiring them in flight. Once in a while, a flock of geese will pass over my house on the way to one of the small, man-made lakes. I love the sound of the air flowing over the wings and body. Just like the sound an airliner makes but much louder of course!

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