Tiny Hailstones

Good morning! The low-pressure system that’s been hanging around here lately seems to have finally moved away, great! Now my sunshine is back and it’s very nice.

The skylight over the dining room allows me to hear whether it’s raining or if it’s hail, this time it was hail but the stones were very tiny.

If I were in Michigan, this would be a dangerous time since hail generally means you are in the most dangerous area of the storm as in the possibility of tornadic activity.

The conditions for tornadoes don’t exist here to the best of my knowledge. I’ve never read about tornadoes in Las Vegas except for the occasional dust devil.

Monday this week means I have a couple of bills to pay, and some small items on the hit list, we all love paying our bills, right?

6 thoughts on “Tiny Hailstones

  1. You got hail? It was 24 degrees here yesterday morning. Things went cloudy very soon, and we have 40 degrees and rain this morning. I am glad I got some of the outside cleanup done yesterday afternoon.

    • We get 60mph gusts once in a while, they are usually 50 or less I think. I heard a tornado but didn’t see it when I was a kid in 1968, it was scary!

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