The Yaesu FT-7900H

This radio has not been available in the States for more than one year now, but I’ve found one brand new in the box anyway. I’m trying to pick up one more but am having some difficulties. The reason I want these older units is that they don’t have the damned C4FM digital circuitry.

Back in the day, Digital didn’t have so much to do with amateur radio as it does today, and I honestly don’t want a damn thing to do with it.

This adds complication to operating what is basically a very simple piece of radio equipment. And reading articles online about this proves to me that I am not the only ham who isn’t interested.

It’s kind of like those stupid four-door pickups to me. The manufactures, whether radios or trucks, will build what most people want. That makes good business sense of course, but it makes zero sense for me. Hence, I’m damn lucky to have found a source where I can still purchase this radio which by the way, is in Japan!

The radio made the hop from japan to my front door in just four days. That’s impressive, and other shipping companies might want to take notice of this!

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    • You and I both, Anneli! The rig came directly from Japan, but the radio itself including the menu system is in English and looks the same as the newer Yaesu’s I already have. Sans the stupid digital crap.

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