Hammerin’ Down

Seventy MPH? Nah, I’ll drive 75 MPH! A really nice thing about driving in the desert like this is that there is no freaking White Tail Deer jumping out in front of you when you pass through a swamp or a thick of trees. I’ve hit a deer before, it’s not a pleasant experience on several levels…

12 thoughts on “Hammerin’ Down

  1. I haven’t been out of town either Tim, sans a short ride to the edges up to the speedway. The 215 freeway around the city is 65, maybe less on the 15 as it passes by the Strip, not sure. Not far out of town to the north, the limit increases.


  2. To give you an idea, we in Belgium have speed limits as follows : highway 120 km/u, two lanes road 90 km/u, normal road 70 km/u, cities and villages 50 km/u and 30 km/u — 1 kilometer (km) = 0.539956803 nautical mile (NM)

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        • The days of 55mph are almost gone, it’s kind of funny to see that number still around. A throwback to the fuel crisis in the 70s I think when cars were as big as tanks and had 454 CID powerplants! Real cars, real engines. You must have a 305 or larger in the RV. My truck has the 232CID V6 with an automatic trans, not the best milage but better than a V8.


  3. 70 mph is slow for a divided two lane highway. In NM they a 75 mph by when I’m on the open road I drive 90 to 100 mph. Fast cars like to go fast.

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