Cutting Back

It was time to cut back the Lantana a few days ago. They had a great summer of multiple blooms, giving me several photos to share with you and enjoyment for me.

I will try repotting them come spring in larger pots as I suspect that they are both rootbound. I included the forecast for Las Vegas Valley too, not too shabby for November, eh?

Knowing the weather here as I do, I assure you that those temperatures will fall at some point which I will share in this space should anyone really care.

8 thoughts on “Cutting Back

  1. This lantana had a spectacular run! Our neighbor has some but her variety is purple. It’s beautiful and reminds me of your yellow flowers when I see it. 🌞nice forecast!

      • I meant splitting the root ball, but maybe it’s not the kind of plant you can do that with. I’m not sure because I don’t know this plant. I did look it up though and found that you can … (and I’ve copied and pasted this): Just bend a piece over and put some dirt over it. Leave the growing tip exposed. They root very, very easily. After the piece is well rooted, cut it from the parent plant.

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