The Beauty of Apartment Life

Once in a while, I drive by this complex where I lived for two or so rotten years after the big D. It’s stupid I admit, but sometimes I will flip this place off as I pass by.

Ridiculous rent increases, barking dogs, dogs not on a leash that at one point almost had me calling the police as the dog was charging at me.

A young woman was raped behind one of those trash bins enclosed inside a small enclosure… Nope. I hope to never land in an apartment again. The damned barking dog problem came with me when I left that hell hole.

Sorry for the negative rant…

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Apartment Life

  1. Glad you were able to find a much better place to be John. We are so fortunate in that we share a wall with a neighbor. She recently moved in with a medium sized dog which is absolutely silent. Not a peep. Ever. So grateful.

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  2. I don’t like apartment life too… But in the city we live in an apartment… Neighours are not as before now, people almost changed… as if they live alone in the apartment… What happened to the people I don’t understand… then I think of myself!!! Am I problem one? I always complain about something…. or really we lost everything that was so good and so nice… Anyway, you are luck to live in a private house… Thanks and Love, nia

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    • I’m very lucky to have purchased this home, 100% better except for barking dogs. In an apartment, your neighbours will change much faster than a house. I hope these people won’t drive you crazy, Nia.

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