Michigan Christmas Memories

Here are a few older photos of a Michigan Christmas for you. Missing my family too much! I headed out this morning for the eyeglass place that I’ve used for some years now.

I mentioned several days ago that the Titanium frame actually snapped because of a bad weld according to an employee. That frame was replaced but the frame is a much lighter color than the black frame that broke which is fine, I like that color too.

They also built some new lenses for the frames I previously wore before these. They are shaped like what my mother would call Granny Glasses. Well, mom, I like them!

I now have two pairs of glasses, the same prescription, in two very different looking frames! Not a cheap venture, I assure you. I grabbed a few photos while out today, I’ll upload those later.

Happy Friday the 13th, my friends!

10 thoughts on “Michigan Christmas Memories

  1. Two photographs hit me, one is the dinner room I think I loved there so much and second one lovely friend, I know you miss them all so much… me too dear John, today I had a difficult times with myself… But now I am fine, Not easy for me to deal with all these things. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you so much, Nia! My mother was a fantastic interiour decorator! My dad is now 92, he has not changed anything in the house at all since she passed in 2012. They were married 64 years, that’s TRUE love. ❤️

      • yes, exactly true love… and how hard for him I can understand. God Bless him, and stay in safe. You are welcome dear John, Love, nia

  2. I detect some special memories in those shots, John. Must be tough, being so far away. I don’t mind admitting that I miss my kids very much; even though we talk a lot, it’s not the same.

    • Hi Mike, yeah. Text, Zoom, email, and so on just aren’t the same. I’m so tired of this BS! That’s a very special place for me! So many wonderful memories. ❤️

  3. Thank you! I still remember taking these photos, I should have been there twice this past summer but COVID stopped that. Dammit!

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