Sahaara Avenue

I misspelled the name so that you will hopefully pronounce it correctly. People here pronounce the name as Sahaira. Or, Sa-HAIR-ah. That’s wrong, folks!

This is very much like the foreign car company called Nissan being pronounced as Knee-san. Wrong! Even the company itself can’t pronounce their own product name correctly on TV and radio, Dopes!

OK, I’m just having some fun with English here, please bear with me haha!

I had to take a little longer ride this morning to get what I was after, several miles south of my place but there’s always some kind of photo opportunity along the way. Hello, Stratosphere Tower!

These photos don’t look how I want them too since the usual HDR application I use is giving me problems since the OS update yesterday. They look rather boring, don’t they?


6 thoughts on “Sahaara Avenue

    • I never passed the 15 or the tower. Or the Big Boulevard as I call it! I do know the east side of the valley fairly well, but have no reason to go other than driving Lake Mead Boulevard when heading for the Rec area.

    • Thanks! They just don’t have the fine details I’m used to seeing with my photos. I reinstalled the HDR software, that didn’t take care of the saving issue, unfortunately. I’ll continue to work on this. I like the bookends you have on your site, but the only reading I do is online! Weird, eh?

        • Changed indeed!

          For me to really want to read something, it has got to be something technical regarding the many facets of radio, photography, or science fiction stuff. Anything else finds me skimming through very quickly through, then I become annoyed and skip it. Call me weird…

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