Another Fabulous Day

Today has been very beautiful with full sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper sixties, so nice! I was on another run to the party store and grabbed several photos from the truck. I came upon a really huge birthday party that amazed me.

There must-have been 200+ cars and trucks on either side of the sidestreet, most with some kind of decorations on them. So big was the crowd that at least one Las Vegas Metro car was dispatched.

Photos of that in the next upload. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit in this space that I’ve actually considered trying the overpriced $300 per year business plan that WordPress offers.

This morning, I was digging around in my Admin panels and read more about the plan. Having had a couple of self-hosted websites in the past, some of this stuff is familiar yet it’s nothing like a fully self-hosted website. A plugin would end the woes of the classic editor being removed in 2021.

There are many more themes available for use too which is interesting to me. I don’t know man, after reading others’ opinions about this plan on a few different websites, I’m kind of on the fence about it. Should I? These photos were processed without using the apparently now-defunct HDR app on the Mac.

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  1. These pictures don’t realy need any correction, the are great. I made several websites in Joomla (CMS) which is open source so (almost) for free. It’s hosting and webspace that costs a lot.

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