Northbound Rampart over Summerlin Parkway

This photo is two days old, I am heading north for home, distant and beautiful Gass Peak is 6943 feet high. Did you know that Nevada is the most mountainous state in the union, directly behind Alaska?

Summerlin Parkway is directly below me which runs east/west and connects the 95 freeway to the 215 freeway on the west side of the valley. I avoid the 15 freeway like a bad cold, insane traffic!

How am I doing so far without the HDR app?

2 thoughts on “Northbound Rampart over Summerlin Parkway

    • Well, I think some photos are OK as-is, but most need a little attention. I’m still trying to save photos from the HDR app I’ve used for a long time now. Updating the Mac to the Big Sur OS has tossed two of my photo applications out. They won’t let me save files now!

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