Bigger Roberto’s Tacos

Following along with the previous taco deliciousness post, as far as this Yank is concerned, Roberto’s Tacos wins. Mostly because of the larger size, yet when dipped in their hot sauce, it’s too dang delicious. My store-bought hot sauce was much hotter though than the company sauce which was a serious plus too.

7 thoughts on “Bigger Roberto’s Tacos

    • Hi Doug, I would send you a few but the trip may spoil them! Maybe a freezer box?

      They are from Roberto’s Tacos, a chain restaurant here and in California. Maybe elsewhere. So damn good!

      These are shredded beef, they have shredded chicken too, but that seems a bit bland to me.

      Dipped in the hot sauce they have, oh my gosh, soooo damn good LOL!! 🤪

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