Really Old Kodak Photos

Good morning from the desert. Once again, my buddy back in Michigan has sent me something I’d like to upload, I think you’ll find these photos have a story to tell. The email was labeled “forgotten Kodak photos”. I had to do a crappy cropping job to get them out of the email as it had some odd formatting but hey, it worked!

Click any photo for the slideshow

13 thoughts on “Really Old Kodak Photos

  1. Kodak… what a days… I remember we all used Kodak films… But unfortunately my past photographs /before my marriage were destroyed by my mother… I remember once again. How great collection and so precious too… I loved them all dear John, you did great. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Oh did I ever enjoy these old photos, John. I love old photos, and these are in good condition, and each one dated, and good descriptions. There’s so much to learn from old photos. I espec. like the one of Anaheim in 1887, where Disneyland is now. The sign says “Fashion Stables”– into fashion in LA even then. And the 40-mule team is astounding.

    • And so interesting, isn’t it? The lives these folks lived was radically different than today, wow! Have you ever felt as though you were born into the wrong era? 🤔

      • I sometimes have thoughts like that, and then I think about all the childhood diseases that could have killed me before the days of vaccinations, or before penicillin, and before narcotics to knock us out for an operation they didn’t know how to do in those days. So I’ll stick with the problems of our modern day in order to enjoy the benefits of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best of both worlds/eras?

        • Yes, it sure would be nice. I can’t imagine having all of the dental work I’ve had in the last 18 months without being completely numbed! Ouchhh. 😳

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