Thanks For The Update, Skylum

If you’ve been following along here, then you are aware of what happened when my MacBook Air updated the OS a few days ago.

The HDR software was saving my files in a purely digital format, not as .JPG or .JPEG formats. I thought to try the software again, maybe I can figure this out. Lo and behold, there is suddenly an update for the software!

My guess is that Skylum had got wind of the problem with the latest Mac/Apple OS update.

I have been working solely with one of two apps I always use to process my photography and man, what a difference! So nice to have Aurora HDR working again!

6 thoughts on “Thanks For The Update, Skylum

    • Really? Thanks, Tim! I’ve done some serious digging around online lately to find software for my older MacBook Pro that can get even a little close to the functionality of Aurora HDR. I never found anything close. This update fixed the problem, makes me happy!!

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