Thanks For The Update, Skylum

If you’ve been following along here, then you are aware of what happened when my MacBook Air updated the OS a few days ago.

The HDR software was saving my files in a purely digital format, not as .JPG or .JPEG formats. I thought to try the software again, maybe I can figure this out. Lo and behold, there is suddenly an update for the software!

My guess is that Skylum had got wind of the problem with the latest Mac/Apple OS update.

I have been working solely with one of two apps I always use to process my photography and man, what a difference! So nice to have Aurora HDR working again!

6 thoughts on “Thanks For The Update, Skylum

    • Really? Thanks, Tim! I’ve done some serious digging around online lately to find software for my older MacBook Pro that can get even a little close to the functionality of Aurora HDR. I never found anything close. This update fixed the problem, makes me happy!!

  1. You have to be careful with Mac updates these days. They can cause all kinds of trouble with old favorite apps.

    • Thanks, Tim, I am learning this at a fast pace! Next time I need to do my due diligence before updating. Other than that one blooper, it’s a nice upgrade.

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