8 thoughts on “Deep Blue Desert

    • Thank you! I’ve tuned the photos up to augment that beautiful deep blue. I need to mention that I’ve been visiting your blog, but the Like button doesn’t work for me, and the site won’t allow me to post comments for whatever reason. But I do visit!

    • Hi Lavinia, thank you! My HDR software is back up, I tuned the blues to be very deep. Blue, my favorite color! I hope you and yours are well there. ☺️

      • Everything is good here. So far we all keep waking up on the right side of the ground. It’s chilly today, down in the 40s, but the clouds going by are pretty dramatic and wild. The cloud shows are spectacular this time of year.

  1. 🙂 The desert is beautiful-looking.

    You probably went with a large supply of water when you were taking those photographs (The desert has a reputation for being very hot).

    • Hi Renard, it’s not so hot now, the summer heat has gone. The temperature was in the 70s yesterday, perfect! I don’t walk the desert in summer, way too hot.

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